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Larry Krause Traditional Country Singer - Songwriter
Very pleased to let you Folks know that I have partnered up with Western Trophy Outfitters/Great Grey Outfitters, to provide their clients with a taste of Western Roots Music. It feels good to get back up in front of Folks to do tunes, and just as good to see the positive response the music is receiving. As a hunter, although it has been a few years, I can relate to their excitement, and am proud when they go on about the beauty of Saskatchewan. The stories and songs that they hear, reflect on our Western Heritage, and hopefully gain them extra insight into this great part of Canada. -Larry
It doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy this marvellous album from Larry Krause
Traditional Singer Songwriter
Larry Krause
Enjoy Christmas At Any Time with Larry’s Album
“Who Is This ..” This Christmas Album is dedicated to the men who created the four part quartet harmonies that inspired me as a child. Their beautiful, untrained full voice love of music still resonates within my memories today”. One of the features of this album is Larry performing all 4 parts in a 4 part harmony doing silent night, acapella, in german. A tribute to the heritage that i grew up a part of, and reflecting on the first music I heard; a German male quartet music.
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